Jörg Stolz


Sociology of religion

My BA courses on the sociology of religion give an overview of the discipline from an analytical point of view. A textbook is in planning.

MA course Mixed Methods

My MA courses on mixed methods take place at UNIL, but I also regularly give a 2-day course on the subject at GESIS, Mannheim.

Mixed Methods and the Titanic Datasets

Together with Anaïd Lindemann, I have written three articles showing how to use the Titanic datasets for the teaching of mixed methods:

Lindemann, A. and Stolz, J. 2021. ‘Using the Titanic datasets to teach Mixed Methods Data Analysis’. Methodology 17: 231-249.

Stolz, J. and Lindemann, A. 2019. ‘The Titanic Game : Introducing game heuristics to mixed methods research’. Journal of Mixed Methods Research: 1-23.

Stolz, J., Lindemann, A. and Antonietti, J.-P. 2018. ‘Sociological Explanation and mixed methods: the example of the Titanic’. Quality and Quantity 53: 1623-1643.

The Titanic Datasets can be downloaded here